Fault reporting (at) Telkom

This evening I had the dubious pleasure of having to report a fault on a relative's Telkom line and was initially pleased to see the link to "online fault reporting" on Telkom's website. I completed the form twice and each time got no more than the following notice.

Now, the request to report the fault is reasonable, but no correspondence address is given so I am reporting it here. Incidentally, an article today from MyADSL reports benchmarks for SA's ADSL pricing, comparing rates in this country to those in Morocco (also in Africa) and Australia (also remote from the centres of Western civilisation). It turns out that ADSL users in Morocco and Australia are paying nearly the same as UK users (between 1c and 1,5c per MB) whereas users in SA are paying around 28c (all SA cents) per MB. At the risk of sounding like Carrie Bradshaw: could it be that Telkom is the fault?

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