FCUK: fruity computer user knowledge (Raspberry Pi meanderings)

Setting up a Raspberry Pi on my parents' new fibre connection was a project for this morning. It was purchased online from PiShop in the Vaal at about half the price of the previous package that I had ordered for a collaborator from TakeAlot. First, the delivery was two days later than expected but everything was in the package and the case is particularly nice. However, I spent more than an hour discovering and confirming that the SD card that I had ordered in the package, contained neither the operating system nor, indeed, appeared to work at all. One of the reasons this took so long was that I do not have an appropriate SD card reader etc. After this, however, I drove to the shops and got a new SD card for R89, downloaded piCore Linux and installed the image on the card.

piCore booted up super quickly and is easy to access in a "headless" environment. Actually, it is a beautiful, small (less than 40MB) operating system that really got me going very quickly and is working hard as I write this. The lesson learned is to never order the SD card with the package...

Hands-on with piCore 7.0: Tiny Core Linux for the Raspberry Pi

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