Xiaomi's excellent Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi's been my preferred brand for my Android phones for a while and there's been a lot to like: low price, little bloatware and a nice and clean look. For Christmas, I bought myself a Redmi Note 4 "High Edition" in Bangkok for $200 and this is by far the nicest phone that I have ever had! 4GB an d 64GB, excellent cameras (a flash in front as well but the iPhone still takes much better pictures in low light), fantastic screen resolution and a fast processor. It's quite a large phone but just right for my spreading paws and it has the best feature of some recent Xiaomi devices: the fingerprint reader at the back, just below the camera and next to where your index finger is anyway. It is also simply an attractive device. Did I mention battery life? Two days with heavy use, no problem.

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