Broken/Stukkend 1 : in QLD's “captial” city

A colleague has introduced me to Seth Godin's blog. Godin is a best-selling author and speaker and used to blog under the slogan This Is Broken about disasters in customer service and the customer experience. I have decided to collect a few examples of my own, in an occasional series.

Exhibit 1 is from the website of the Watermark Hotel in Brisbane (archived version at http://backupurl.com/x3wwqm). Big U has been trying to book me a room in Brisbane and has finally uncovered this gem, at a mere R1 500,00 (about US$200) per night, as opposed to the hotel's own website special of R720. This qualifies as a big success, incidentally, because Big U's initial offer was R4 000,00 per night in the South Bank, in a 4 star hotel. The typo (?) has been on the website for days now. The accolade "inspired 4 star" almost certainly means that the hotel is only aspiring to 4 stars, and clearly not with a surfeit of determination.

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Petrus het gesê...

It is three days later. No-one has fixed the typo yet.