Eskom's “power” pool

Three weeks ago, I attended a conference at the conference and training centre of Eskom, South Africa's government-run power utility, in smart-ish Midrand, near Pretoria. This is quite a large complex, with free-ranging antelope, where Eskom has advanced training facilities and accommodation for conference delegates and trainees. The picture below, shows the pool next to the conference centre restaurants. The gate giving access to the area was unlocked.

Since the government has classified me as a “non-African”, I am slightly less embarrassed than before when foreigners see something like this but it is still irksome because of the sheer waste. Could it be that none of the strapping working-class trainees of Eskom like to cool in summer off by doing a few laps? Or, that there are no trainees at all?

Quod vide

Google Maps image of the conference centre (the pool still had water then, although it was apparently in winter)
SA electricity costs are far too steep - analyst (Wiseman Khuzwayo in Business Report) http://www.busrep.co.za/index.php?fSectionId=552&fArticleId=5254124

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