Notice to accompany offline archive files

My personal archives (documents, photographs, e-mail etc.) now comprise three DL discs and I want to place a few copies with friends and family and had been wondering how to properly indemnify them and protect myself. The solution I chose was to wrap it all up in a huge file which is weakly encrypted. This means that if one of the discs is popped into a computer, you won't immediately be able to open anything. In addition, I included the following notice on each discs and on the inside and outside of the envelope in which I seal the discs. Perhaps I am overly cautious, but I think that we should start thinking about our digital legacy!

Personal Archive ‒ Important Notice

The discs, files and/or other media contained herein (and their content) are the personal property of the undersigned and may not be opened, used or accessed in any other way other than those expressly authorised in writing by the undersigned or the executor of his/her deceased estate.

Persoonlike argief ‒ belangrike kennisgewing

Die skywe, lêers en/of ander media hierby ingesluit (en die inhoud daarvan) is die privaateiendom van die ondertekende en mag nie oogemaak, gebruik of andersins toeganklik gemaak word nie, behalwe waar uitdruklik skriftelike toestemming gegee is deur die ondertekende of die eksekuteur van sy/haar bestorwe boedel.


I am releasing the notice into the public domain, so please feel free to copy and use it if you'd like!

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