GMail - all is forgiven

This week I had to take the step - in spite of some previous difficulties I had had with GMail - to switch all my e-mail to GMail. For several years now I have been running my own IMAP server on a Pentium II sitting in my cupboard at home. This has been my primary e-mail access (using fetchmail to collect my e-mail from various other servers) and has worked better than any other solution that I have known. Unfortunately, power cuts in Pretoria have now become so common (3 or 4 times already this week) that this old solution is no longer feasible. So, I am now using GMail to collect my e-mail and I access the GMail service through IMAP on my desktop and laptop machines with the Evolution e-mail client. Web access is also good, of course. My main question is what to do with my e-mail archives, but for now I think I shall leave them on the home server - available through the excellent and fast SquirrelMail webmail service, if necessary. It should - in principle - be easy to upload the old mail to GMail using IMAP as well but I do not want to trigger a GMail service suspension for "unusual activity" ever again...

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