Curious case of Telkom mobile rates

I have just been perusing the published rates of Telfree, my VOIP provider, and noticed that calls to Telkom's (limited) CDMA mobile network are charged at R0,84 per minute as opposed to R1,62 per minute to other networks. Now, all of South Africa has been following a drawn-out saga that ended in an announcement that on 1 March 2010 the peak mobile interconnection rate would be cut from R1,25 to R0,89 per minute. So, how can the calls to Telkom CDMA network be so relatively inexpensive? It's still cheaper to call landlines in Slovakia (R0,51) and not much more expensive to call a Swedish mobile phone (R1,09) but nevertheless, all still does not seem well in the murky world of South African regulated interconnection.