GoogleMaps wormhole opened by my WiFi router

Quite strange things started happening over the past few days with my mother's position on Google Maps, which she shares with me using the Latitude application on her Symbian smartphone. Her position would very regularly show up right at my house and it took 15 minutes of trying to get her to adjust the settings today (manual setting of location is an option, after all) before the penny dropped.

I had recently moved a WiFi router from my house to my parents' and although I changed the name of the wireless network, it had obviously been scanned by equipment ID by Google when they surveyed (or, are surveying) my suburb and Latitude was positioning my mother using this device. Wikipedia informed me that Google Maps uses information from GPS first, then from WiFi access points and finally from the cellular phone network masts. Now, why does Google Maps not do a reality when check when a confirmed GPS reading outside in the street is followed by a WiFi location 15km distant, within seconds? I am going to wait and see whether they update their database by analysing readings in my parents' area but I would really be interested in tweaking the location algorithm and/or having more options in Google Maps itself.

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