The Economist on Kindle is not what it used to be

Reading magazines like The Economist in the Kindle app, with full pages (as in the printed version) in high resolution on its beautiful screen, is one of the reasons I even have an iPad. One of the disadvantages of this is the huge weekly download (slow on a South African connection at home) but I have always found it worth the trouble. The page images are no longer a pleasure to read however, as below.

Further, the plain text version (that flows on the screen and is nice to use on a smaller screen as well) now suffers from frequent bad formatting, as below. For me, "upsetits" is really confusing...

Finally, for some reason the date at the top of the page is now always "January 01, 1970" and although I can well imagine this to the fault of Amazon or of Apple, it is exceedingly silly!

If this does not improve soon, I shall seriously consider unsubscribing.  The Discover panel of the new Opera browser is really nice anyway and, for me, a Google News killer.

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