1000 lines of JavaScript and the form validation is still bad

Unexpected website behaviour, insurance edition: https://www.outsurance.co.za/insurance-clients/submit-claim/. Despite the web page loading around 1000 lines of JavaScript source files in order to request very basic information from clients, the behaviour strikes the user as strange. As soon as the user selects one of the three "radio" buttons at the top (surely, the first step), the three red invalidation exclamations at the bottom appear.

Now, it is actually not even necessary to complete both the "ID number" and "Facility number" fields (one being sufficient) so this is bad in any case but should one not at least be given time to try? Even better, in case all of these three fields are completed before selecting the category at the top, the form immediately throws up all three red invalidation exclamations again and reverts "Department" to the default non-selection instead of the value entered earlier.

HTML forms should not be rocket science and, in my view, should rather be simple and functional rather than baroque and strangely non-navigable, like this one. Incidentally, the end result of having completed the form was that a friendly operator phoned me and asked me to provide my ID or facility number...

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