Coffee and connectivity at Jo'burg airport

I am writing this from the airside Vodacom Connect Zone at Johannesburg's main international airport (formerly Jan Smuts Airport), while waiting for my flight to Bloemfontein. The Connect Zone is simply a communal work station with desk area and electrical outlets (for South African as well as European plugs) and several special devices for charging cellphone batteries. Kudos to Vodacom for this but I am the only traveller using it right now! There is still no free WiFi at the airport but I can still access the commercial service using my ISP account and although the download speed is worse than I get on my ADSL at home, the latency is quite good and the upload speed is excellent.

Vida e Caffe (why so proud of their Regent St branch?) would be doing even more brisk business, if they were to actually switch on the second espresso machine at their airport franchise. People waiting for flights do not have infinite patience and some might actually have had two coffees, if it seemed feasible.

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